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5 Home Remedies Therapy For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease that is identified by spots and patches that are white in color. It is a skin related disease, in which skin becomes de-pigmented due to constant deficiency of melanin or color pigmented cells. Melanin plays an important part, as it gives color to the skin.

Generally, natural remedies with antioxidant and/or immunomodulatory properties are used for treating vitiligo. These address the oxidative stress and autoimmune causes of vitiligo.

Red clay

Clay contains copper, which can help restore the pigmentation of the skin. It also improves blood flow and contributes to overall healthier looking skin.

What should you do?

Mix two tablespoons of red clay with some ginger extract and apply the paste to the affected areas for 15 minutes.

Psoralea Seeds

Among many other vitiligo home remedies, one of the best ways to treat vitiligo are Psoralea Seeds. These seeds need to be submerged in 100gm ginger juice for approx three full days, then hulled and converted into a powder form. Apply the paste for an entire month and feel the change!


Makeup products can help camouflage vitiligo patches. Also cover creams and self-tanning lotions are used. The tricky part of camouflaging vitiligo spots is finding the product that imparts the right color and matches perfectly with your normal skin color.

Copper Mineral

Copper is an important mineral in your body and its benefits are huge. Particularly, copper has an importance of healing vitiligo such as eliminating free radicals and destroying melanocytes, producing melanin. Consuming rich copper foods will be an effective solution like home remedies for vitiligo. Some foods that are good in copper are soybean sprouts, chili powder, ground ginger watermelon seed, pumpkin seeds, dried tomatoes, lobsters, calamari, nuts, chocolates, cocoa powder, oysters, liver, etc. However, consuming copper will cause insomnia, schizophrenia, depression, hypertension, vomiting, cramps, senility, and diarrhea.


Margosa is known as neem and people usually use seeds, leaves, and bark for medicinal functions. This kind of tree is very useful for treating fever, gum disease, diabetes, blood vessels, liver issues, eye disorders, intestinal worms, stomachache, and vitiligo. You should follow this instruction to cure vitiligo at home:

Wash margosa leaves, blend it smoothly and extract its juice from margosa leaves.

Mix a teaspoon of honey with margosa juice.

Drink the mixture three times each day in a month to heal skin pigmentation and decrease white patches.