Know Some Simple Natural Remedies For Constipation

The stomach is the organ that keeps our lives running, no matter how much attention we give to other parts it is our stomach that needs the utmost attention. Simple indigestion makes our lives problematic and when we face a situation where the system doesn’t get clear we know all the fun is gone from our lives.

Main causes of this problem

Constipation is a recurring problem among people in this generation since the kind of lifestyle we lead is responsible for it.

The amount of physical work that earlier people used to do helped a lot to keep this problem at bay but now we have less physical movements and more times are spent sitting in our office. The amount of walking or running that earlier person did is also absent among us since we do not have so much time and mostly we travel on cars or take the elevator instead of the stairs.

Also, the kind of food habit that we have now is a real cause for these problems we have less of roughage and more of junk foods that are rich in oil and fat that gets stuck to the walls of our stomach causing the problem for the bowel movement. Exercise and simple alterations in your food habit can make a lot of difference to cure this problem.

It is clearly stated by many doctors that this problem is becoming very widespread day by day and is found at a very young age which was not a case earlier, since people mostly in the ages of 35- 60 years were detected with constipation but now even kids have this as a common problem in their lives.

Going for medical treatments and surgeries are mostly avoided by people for the fear of exorbitant medical bills and also they have to go through a lifetime of treatment which doesn’t give any permanent solution at times. So, read below to know some home remedies that you can try which are tested to work wonders for this problem.

Natural remedies for constipation

Molasses- the blackstrap variety of it is the most useful for treatment. Just take only a tablespoon before going to bed and you will see the result in the morning. This variety is boiled and thus very concentrated with minerals and vitamins and magnesium which is very effective.

Olive oil- it is a healthy dose of fat that you can use as a medium for cooking this will decrease the fat intake as well make the bowel movements smooth.

Fibre- includes a lot of fibre in your food this is actual among the best natural remedies for constipation. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and have them whole not in juice. Make your breakfasts heavy with oats, cereals, beans and lentils and have a lot of water all day to help in easy digestion.

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